February 1, 2009

Home improvement Workers Finding Ways to Make Money With Foreclosures in The Economic Recession

A typical day for Joe Haller involves cleaning up foreclosed homes.

“This was not all the garbage. There was another huge truck load we took out of here probably 30 to 40 bags of garbage,” says Haller.

A lot of people who fix home are experiencing less work due to the struggling economy, but some are finding more due the the foreclosures that are taking place. Most of them are getting work from lenders who need the homes fixed up to sell after the pre-foreclosure process.

A job he says can get pretty dirty.

“It just seems like people kind of up and leave everything,” he says.

And some people just completely trash it. A house he cleaned up a few months ago had motor oil in the pool, egg yolks in the air vents and trash everywhere.

Locksmiths are also getting work with the foreclosure boom. Mostly working for the the banks/lenders

“Nobody has the keys so I have to come out open the house and key it to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae’s key or whoever owns the home,” said David Bunch.

Handy people who get the right deals with lenders and banks are very fortunate to have the increased amount of business that the current economic situation presents and the increased amount of foreclosed properties that are occurring as a result.


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