April 29, 2009

Best sites to submit press releases for your real estate business

Press releases are a a great way to get traffic to your website. They also offer a chance to get picked up by editors and this can increase your Google pagerank if articles are written about your press release that get on pages with a high pagerank.,, and are good paid press release sites to use if you have a major release coming out. Don’t forget to email major bloggers in your industry too and make the emails customized to add importance. , and are great sites to use for free. is owned by and gets me alot of traffic too. Best of all, you don’t even have to rummage through log in records because a login user id and password isn’t needed. Keep pumping out those release and get that pagerank and website traffic up.

April 27, 2009

Real Estate Foreclosure Deals via e-Mail. Good or Bad?

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It’s no surprise that in the New Jersey New York area I see people racing to get the next email through on their Blackberry, PDA, or other cell phone. It’s also no surprise that Real Estate deals including foreclosures being completed on mobile devices and laptops. They allow for deals that couldn’t be made in the past to be made because of the speed at which people can place bids and negotiate contracts. In this bottomed out market this is essential. This brings up questions such as: Is it professional to be doing deals on the internet? How binding are these negotiations? Are these Real Estate deals being conducted with privacy?
People are more likely to lie in emails than in person. It’s also impossible to read body expressions by email which are crucial to many sales people. Both parties are in general more aggressive because of lack of up front in person inhibitions. One of the worst possibilities when conducting deals online is a miscommunication. This can cost big time. If the Realtor puts in a bid for more than the buyer wants, then this could ruin the deal. Is technology in Real Estate and foreclosure deals good or bad? It’s mostly good, but don’t forget to make at least one phone call or things can go terribly array.

April 20, 2009

New Jersey (NJ) homeowners flock to foreclosure prevention sessions

Many New Jersey homeowners facing foreclosure are attending homeowner foreclosure prevention seminars to find out what to do with their home situation. The problem is so bad in New Jersey that entire blocks look


like they are boarded up and they are eroding the tax value of homes. The problem is increasing since scores of adjustable rate mortgages that were issued at the peak of the housing boom are beginning to move over to higher loan repayment rates. The modifiable rates are a trademark of sub prime lenders, who used them to get people into homes they might not otherwise have been able to pay for. One out about every 40 Newark homeowners received a foreclosure notice last year, that compares with one in about every 50 homeowners in the state of New Jersey and one of every 49 national wide. Hope Now, an alliance created by the housing industry expects to see and increased number of foreclosures as people who can’t pay off their adjustable rates increases. The nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 8.5 percent in March, the highest since late 1983, as employers purged 663,000 jobs. The average work week dropped to 33.2 hours, which is a record low.

April 15, 2009

The US Economy seems to have somewhat leveled off According to the Fed

The US economy seems to be leveling off somewhat according to the Fed. Economic indicators that had been going from bad to worse are showing signs of stabilizing – though still at distressed levels.  Five of the 12 regional Federal banks reported a slowdown but the overall economy is still weak.  Production in factors and mines dropped 1.3 percent in March.  Consumer prices went down and company layoffs are keeping the need raise prices down.  Some economists worry that all of the moves the Federal Reserve has made to fight the recession and the worst financial disaster in 70 years could be planting the seeds for inflation troubles down the road.  Bernanke is aware of this and is assuring the public that the Fed will adjust once the economy recovers to avoid inflation.
It looks like pre-foreclosuresus-economy will continue to be occurring at a high rate as long as the economy is in a recession but it could be recovering faster than anyone has expected.

April 4, 2009 Announces January 2009 Pre-Foreclosure Records

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New Jersey Pre-foreclosure Company Announces January Pending Foreclosure Listings Bergenfield, NJ January March 26, 2009 – NJLispendens, is releasing pre-foreclosure listing information to the public for the month of January. NJLispendens offers detailed pre-foreclosure information updated daily, allowing real estate investors, lenders, and Realtors to locate recently filed foreclosure actions as they are recorded in the courts. NJLispendens is reporting no statistical change in pre-foreclosure listings from December 2008 to January of 2009. The records show that from December 1st to December 31st 2008 there were 4,566 foreclosure actions started. From January 1st to January 31st there were 4,580 actions started. NJLispendens attributes the consistent numbers to a lack of significant change in the economy as the new Obama administration settles in. President Obama has aggressively dealt out plans to prevent new foreclosures and reduce pending foreclosures since his inauguration on January 20th, however we have yet to see a major impact in the market. Pre-foreclosure filings have risen substantially since last year’s records for the same time period; a jump of almost thirty percent; in part due to the continuing economic recession. The increase in New Jersey lis pendens filings coincides with mixed confidence in the federal government. There continues to be an increase in mortgage defaults nationwide despite various government and industry programs. With unemployment continuing to rise, even prime borrowers (those borrowers whose loans were not originated based on fraud or subprime adjustable rates) are defaulting at an alarming rate. President Obama’s newly announced Making Home Affordable program contains a component that addresses refinancing for borrowers whose homes have little or no equity and allows qualifying borrowers in danger of default to modify their loans. NJ Lispendens is not expecting any decrease in mortgage defaults in New Jersey over the next few months despite the new legislation. NJLispendens expects the new laws to take effect over time and not have a substantial impact on foreclosures in the near future as confidence slowly begins to become restored. For additional information about pre-foreclosure records at NJLispendens, contact Joseph Fanning at or visit is a product of American Foreclosures, Inc. Created in 1999, answers an increasing need for real estate professionals, real estate investors, and home buyers to locate current, dependable, and inexpensive leads with the ease of access that the internet provides. -End-

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