April 27, 2009

Real Estate Foreclosure Deals via e-Mail. Good or Bad?

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It’s no surprise that in the New Jersey New York area I see people racing to get the next email through on their Blackberry, PDA, or other cell phone. It’s also no surprise that Real Estate deals including foreclosures being completed on mobile devices and laptops. They allow for deals that couldn’t be made in the past to be made because of the speed at which people can place bids and negotiate contracts. In this bottomed out market this is essential. This brings up questions such as: Is it professional to be doing deals on the internet? How binding are these negotiations? Are these Real Estate deals being conducted with privacy?
People are more likely to lie in emails than in person. It’s also impossible to read body expressions by email which are crucial to many sales people. Both parties are in general more aggressive because of lack of up front in person inhibitions. One of the worst possibilities when conducting deals online is a miscommunication. This can cost big time. If the Realtor puts in a bid for more than the buyer wants, then this could ruin the deal. Is technology in Real Estate and foreclosure deals good or bad? It’s mostly good, but don’t forget to make at least one phone call or things can go terribly array.


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