October 10, 2008

A Sheriff is trying to stop all of the foreclosure Evictions in Chicago has an interesting article about Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, Illinois who apparently wants to put an end to all foreclosure evictions. He noted the record number of foreclosures including in Chicago Illinois and wants to put a stop to them.  

“These mortgage companies only see pieces of paper, not people, and don’t care who’s in the building,” Dart said yesterday in a press statement posted on his office’s Web site.”

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and Cook County consists of about half if the population of Illinois and more than 43,000 cases will be filed this year in the courts. 

Dart was specially referring to giving tenants notice if their landlord’s properties were in pre-foreclosure proceedings or close to foreclosure status.  

Steve Patterson, a spokesperson for Dart said that it’s too hard to tell who is a home renter and who is a home owner, so they are going to sop everyone. 

Accredited Home Lenders is owned by Dallas-based Lone Star Funds, which acquired it for $299 million dollars during last year. They are going to court over trying to evict a Chicago suburban women which they gained the right to dispossess on September 25th

The case: Ex Rel Accredited Home Lenders Inc. v. Dart, 08CH37776, Cook County, Illinois, Circuit Court, Chancery Division (Chicago).

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